Canada Missing Big Opportunity to Support its Small-Scale Fisheries

Industrial catcher and processing vessels on George's Bank. Source: NOAA Fisheries Archives

Guest post by Arthur Bull.  The vast majority of fisheries in the world are small-scale.  These are the community-based, small boat, family-owned fisheries that make up a whopping 90% of the world’s fisheries, fisheries that land more than 2/3 of … Continue reading

There’s No Crying on a Fishing Boat

Alaskan scene in Dutch Harbour

Guest post by Stephanie Boudreau. My father likes to joke that he comes from a place where “the men are men, and the women are men too”. Both of my parents are from Yarmouth County in southwest Nova Scotia.  My … Continue reading

Reeling in Big Value from our Small-Scale Fisheries

Ooh pretty.

by Sadie Beaton Let’s say Alen Newell traps a nice load of shrimp just a mile offshore in Chedabucto Bay. A shrimp trapper out of Canso, Nova Scotia, it is not much of a stretch. Catching amazing quality seafood with … Continue reading

Honoring Fisheries Activist and Malaysian Airlines Passenger Chandrika Sharma

Chandrika Sharma 2006

Guest contribution by Brett Tolley. Reposted with permission from the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance (NAMA) blog Who Fishes Matters. At NAMA we were greatly disheartened last week to hear that Chandrika Sharma, a tireless advocate for the human rights of … Continue reading