Fish Out of Water: Using our Seafood Sustainably

Stacked insulated fish tubs, Lunenburg, NS. Source: Verne Equinox via Wikimedia Commons

by Justin Cantafio. Fishing has been and continues to be the social, cultural, and economic backbone of many Nova Scotian coastal communities. Removing fish from the water is just the first step in the value chain that incudes processing, storage, … Continue reading

Fisheries Co-Management in the Canadian North: Nunatsiavut and Nunavut


Guest re-post by Stephanie Boudreau. Canada’s approach to fisheries management was widely criticized after the infamous closure of the cod fishery in 1992. Newfoundland is profoundly linked to the cod and the moratorium severely impacted the livelihoods of those reliant upon the fishery. As an undergraduate student studying marine biology in the … Continue reading

Canada Missing Big Opportunity to Support its Small-Scale Fisheries

Industrial catcher and processing vessels on George's Bank. Source: NOAA Fisheries Archives

Guest post by Arthur Bull.  The vast majority of fisheries in the world are small-scale.  These are the community-based, small boat, family-owned fisheries that make up a whopping 90% of the world’s fisheries, fisheries that land more than 2/3 of … Continue reading

There’s No Crying on a Fishing Boat

Alaskan scene in Dutch Harbour

Guest post by Stephanie Boudreau. My father likes to joke that he comes from a place where “the men are men, and the women are men too”. Both of my parents are from Yarmouth County in southwest Nova Scotia.  My … Continue reading