Recognizing the Importance of Small-Scale Fisheries

Fishing in the haor, Bangladesh

Earlier this month, FAO officially released the Small-Scale Fisheries Guidelines – a momentous occasion for the millions of small-scale fishermen around the globe, including those here in Canada, who often feel marginalized and underrepresented by their governments. Continue reading

Proposed Aquaculture Regulations Would Pollute Environmental Protections


Last month, 120 scientists, business leaders, commercial and recreational fishing associations, environmental law organizations, and conservation organizations from across Canada sent a letter to Prime Minister Harper asking to put a stop to some proposed changes to the Fisheries Act. Continue reading

Finding a Place for Sustainable Seafood in Nova Scotia’s Universities

Seafood products on display at Dalhousie's sustainable seafood kick-off event

A couple of times a week, students of Nova Scotia’s Dalhousie University line up in cafeterias across campus, ready to fill their plates with the seafood flavour of the day. These kitchens consume a whopping 700 to 900 kg of seafood every month through Aramark’s food services program. Continue reading

Making Smart Seafood Choices in Atlantic Canada

A momennt of mackerel reverance at the 2012 Chef's Congress. Photo by Margaret Mulligan

by Catharine Grant. There’s no denying that people are becoming more aware of what they eat, how it’s produced and where it comes from. When it comes to terrestrial food, people have access to community supported agriculture operations and farmers … Continue reading

Fish Out of Water: Using our Seafood Sustainably

Stacked insulated fish tubs, Lunenburg, NS. Source: Verne Equinox via Wikimedia Commons

by Justin Cantafio. Fishing has been and continues to be the social, cultural, and economic backbone of many Nova Scotian coastal communities. Removing fish from the water is just the first step in the value chain that incudes processing, storage, … Continue reading

Fisheries Co-Management in the Canadian North: Nunatsiavut and Nunavut


Guest re-post by Stephanie Boudreau. Canada’s approach to fisheries management was widely criticized after the infamous closure of the cod fishery in 1992. Newfoundland is profoundly linked to the cod and the moratorium severely impacted the livelihoods of those reliant upon the fishery. As an undergraduate student studying marine biology in the … Continue reading