Adapting to our Changing Climate


Our lovely Ecology Action Centre colleagues at Perspectives Chéticamp have started a blog! They are looking to spur a dialogue where fishermen, fishery workers and scientists contribute to an evolving document that outlines climate change adaptation strategies for fishing communities.

Please click through and add your thoughts!

Climate Fish Blog

When I took on the job of coordinating a climate change adaptation project in Cheticamp, Nova Scotia, one of my assigned tasks was to prepare a fact sheet on climate change adaptation for the fishing community. I envisioned the fact sheet as 2 parts – the first on climate change and its potential effects on fisheries in Atlantic Canada and, the second, on adaptation measures in the fishery.

The second part, adaptation, was the clearest: “Look at what we’ve done so far” was what the Gulf Nova Scotia Fishermen’s Coalition said. And it’s true – fishermen have always been and are still adapting to change. Respecting the geographical scope of my project, I reported on adaptation measures in Cheticamp. I hope this blog encourages other areas to share their adaptation measures.

The science on climate change and fisheries was a much more complex task. At first all I could find…

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