Who Owns the Fish?

Small Scales has several new posts full of fascinating original material slated for the next few weeks.

But as we piece them together, here’s a fascinating little video introducing a new report from the Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR) to enjoy. It asks a pertinent question.

CIR’s new report describes how catch shares (aka ITQs) in the US tend to favour large, corporate fishing fleets and have often worked to cut out thousands of smaller-scale fishermen.

Who do you think should own the fish?


4 thoughts on “Who Owns the Fish?

  1. I guess we really have just wanted patronage systems that make us feel good about how we treat fishermen. The public swallowed the bait hook line and sinker decades ago, and it was called “limited entry” then, and the name for it keeps changing. The system that should be on the table is my Market Quota System. This is a system that treats all fishermen equally, even the kid getting out of high school. The MQS is a seafood production system, for the public, and not a get rich quick scam for anybody to capitalize on. It’s impossible to beat me in a debate on the subject, and it has been well vetted on FISHFOLK. Temporary poundage quota is the form of fishing rights that will allow for a cash flow, so that fishermen can be hired to “make more fish” It’s really pathetic how dumb we are, and how the seas WORLDWIDE have degenerated because of our stupidity. There are good ideas, but they’re not appreciated. We only want patronage systems, because they are feel good programs. Greedy idiots invented the mess we’re in. Now they’re rich, and we’re still suckers. http://www.environmentalfisherman.com

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