Eating to Belong: Connecting to Nova Scotia by way of Fish Cakes

Adventures in Local Food

Having recently moved to Nova Scotia, I am still working to adapt to the local culture and customs of the Maritimes. A recovering Torontonian, I fear my brutish ways may offend, and that my habits could strike locals as odd. So I’ve tried hard to shed my swelled sense of self-importance and snobbery and embrace the kind-spirited simplicity of the East Coast. I wave at passer-bys and say hello to strangers. I cede way to pedestrians when driving, even if they might not be crossing the road. I attend Strawberry Socials and eat shortcake. I excel at washer toss and step dance with the best of them. But yet, I still reek of away, as sure as the sea tastes of salt.

Among my other efforts, I’m also trying to eat like a local. So one of the obvious choices for overcoming my unfortunate pariahdom, and truly belonging, is mastering…

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