Scaling Up the Fisheries Act: Restoring Lost Protections and Introducing Modern Safeguards

No habitat, no fish. That’s the slogan on old Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) buttons. The science is clear: fish need habitat to survive and flourish. So when two budget omnibus bills substantially weakened the federal Fisheries Act provisions on fish habitat protection, an outcry arose across the country. Continue reading


Little Fish Need Love Too

by Heather Grant. It’s easy to overlook the little guys. In the world of ocean conservation, it’s less challenging to get people’s attention by starting at the top – of the food chain, that is. Large, charismatic and majestic species … Continue reading

Boston or Bust: A look into the Boston Seafood Show

The Boston Seafood Show is huge. As North America’s largest seafood trade exposition, this year held over 1,200 exhibits, and attracted an estimated 30,000 attendees representing over 100 countries and myself and another SeaChoice staff were there to soak it all in. Continue reading

What Might Canada’s “Wave of Red” Mean for Our Blue Ocean?

Canada’s three oceans have suffered over the last decade (and indeed before that time), primarily from a lack of focus in Ottawa on implementing our various laws and policies. Continue reading

Niaz’ Top 10 Myths About Seafood, Fisheries, and Marine Conservation

I’ve officially passed the 20-year mark of working on fisheries and ocean issues. What I thought would be a short-term assignment as a Greenpeace campaigner has become my life’s work. Continue reading

What the hake? B.C.’s largest fishery is turning fish into fish meal

Few Canadians know that the largest fishery on B.C.’s coast is for Pacific hake. Although it’s a food-grade fish, the federal government granted permission last week to allow catches to be converted into fish meal. Continue reading

What’s going on with Atlantic Canadian sharks?

Shark Week has begun! While I like all the attention I get for the week, I thought I’d take some time to address some things that hit a bit closer to home – some of the real problems facing sharks in Atlantic Canada. Continue reading