Peace and Friendship on the Sipekne’katik River

Under a growing slab of Fundy mud on the banks of the Sipekne’katik River, carefully placed eel traps are fossilizing, becoming artifacts. Continue reading


Recognizing the Importance of Small-Scale Fisheries

Earlier this month, FAO officially released the Small-Scale Fisheries Guidelines – a momentous occasion for the millions of small-scale fishermen around the globe, including those here in Canada, who often feel marginalized and underrepresented by their governments. Continue reading

Fisheries Co-Management in the Canadian North: Nunatsiavut and Nunavut

Guest re-post by Stephanie Boudreau. Canada’s approach to fisheries management was widely criticized after the infamous closure of the cod fishery in 1992. Newfoundland is profoundly linked to the cod and the moratorium severely impacted the livelihoods of those reliant upon the fishery. As an undergraduate student studying marine biology in the … Continue reading

Seeking Netukulimk

Dusk along Pomquet

Guest Contribution by Martha Stiegman Seeking ‘Netukulimk’ looks a little different for everyone. My search involved hanging my seven-months-pregnant belly over the bow of a canoe at midnight. My guide and co-director Kerry Prosper was paddling us along the shores … Continue reading

Moderate Livelihood Fishery: A Mi’kmaq Way of Life

Donald Marshall Jr. fishing. Photo courtesy of Micmac News 1991, photo by Stephen Marshall

Contribution by Allison Bernard For the past five years, the Kwilmu’kw Maw-klusuaqn (KMK) – also known as Mi’kmaq Rights Initiative– has been engaged in a three party negotiation process to implement Treaty rights with the Province of Nova Scotia and … Continue reading