Finding a Place for Sustainable Seafood in Nova Scotia’s Universities

A couple of times a week, students of Nova Scotia’s Dalhousie University line up in cafeterias across campus, ready to fill their plates with the seafood flavour of the day. These kitchens consume a whopping 700 to 900 kg of seafood every month through Aramark’s food services program. Continue reading


Haddock rebound offers opportunity for rethink

Orlie Dixon brings in the catch on a hook and line.

Guest contribution by Susanna Fuller and Justin Cantafio.  Also submitted as an Op-ed to the Chronicle Herald. The recent abundant landings of haddock from Georges Bank are indeed good news, particularly for fishing communities on Nova Scotia’s South Shore. It … Continue reading

What are our fisheries for?

Wharf buoys, Tiverton, Nova Scotia.

Guest Contribution by Jordan Nikoloyuk Since Ecology Action Centre published ‘Valuing our Fisheries: Breaking Nova Scotia’s Commodity Curse’, I’ve spent a lot of time talking about our key findings. The report shows that if we want fisheries that provide economically … Continue reading

Small-Scale Fishermen and Farmers “In the Same Boat”

On the family farm, Lethbridge, Alberta.

Guest Contribution by Rachel Bower “People can’t eat oil, but they can eat codfish.” – Bill Molloy, inshore cod fisherman I am an independent documentary filmmaker living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. My latest documentary “In The Same Boat” highlights the … Continue reading