Why are International Actions and Agreements Important for Canadian Ocean Health?

Making change often requires working in diverse ways to achieve the change we want to see.  When it comes to fisheries and oceans management, some fish tend to stay around Canada’s water in preferred habitats, while others migrate through Canadian and international waters. Continue reading


Too big to ignore, too important to fail

Small-scale fishing boat in Thailand.

Guest Contribution by Dr. Ratana Chuenpagdee For people interested in small-scale fisheries, the above title captures well what is recognized about the sector. It is not easy, however, to convince others whose interests may lie elsewhere. Making the case for … Continue reading

Lobsters in a dangerous time

Guest Contribution by Dr. Stephanie Boudreau, Dalhousie University Upon entering the airport in Portland, Maine, the first thing I saw was a sign with a lobster welcoming me “home”. Immediately I knew I had come to the right place. From … Continue reading