Canada’s Bluefin Tuna Management: Time to Get it Right

Back in August, Fisheries and Oceans Canada released its recommendations on whether or not to list several marine species as endangered or threatened under the Species At Risk Act—one of which was Atlantic bluefin tuna. Regardless of whether the government lists the species on SARA or not, these bluefin need more attention. Continue reading

Is the Assault on the Small-scale Fishery Making us Stronger?

Hauling in the Catch

Guest Contribution by Maria Recchia The small-scale fishing industry in Canada has been under attack recently. First Ottawa releases the now famous “Discussion Document on Modernizing the Fisheries” which conveniently omitted the owner-operator and fleet separation policies. Then the Fisheries … Continue reading

Moderate Livelihood Fishery: A Mi’kmaq Way of Life

Donald Marshall Jr. fishing. Photo courtesy of Micmac News 1991, photo by Stephen Marshall

Contribution by Allison Bernard For the past five years, the Kwilmu’kw Maw-klusuaqn (KMK) – also known as Mi’kmaq Rights Initiative– has been engaged in a three party negotiation process to implement Treaty rights with the Province of Nova Scotia and … Continue reading

A shout-out to coastal systems

Guest Contribution by Jen Graham This post is a shout-out to coastal habitat.  Salt marshes, estuaries, eel grass, mudflats, rocky shores- you are all awesome. I could tell you why each of these habitats matters.  After all, salt marshes are … Continue reading