Increased Global Tuna Supply Could Mean Less Revenue for Canadian Fishermen

A new study, which came out this month, revealed that an increase in bluefin tuna landings doesn’t always mean more money in the pocket of fishermen. Continue reading


Why are International Actions and Agreements Important for Canadian Ocean Health?

Making change often requires working in diverse ways to achieve the change we want to see.  When it comes to fisheries and oceans management, some fish tend to stay around Canada’s water in preferred habitats, while others migrate through Canadian and international waters. Continue reading

Canada’s Bluefin Tuna Management: Time to Get it Right

Back in August, Fisheries and Oceans Canada released its recommendations on whether or not to list several marine species as endangered or threatened under the Species At Risk Act—one of which was Atlantic bluefin tuna. Regardless of whether the government lists the species on SARA or not, these bluefin need more attention. Continue reading

One Man. One Fish. One Arrow.

Captain Saul Newell

Guest contribution and excerpt by Matt Rigney. The story of Canadian swordfishing in the North Atlantic, and especially of the remaining harpooners who practice a method of harvest that dates back more than three thousand years, provides a drama in … Continue reading