Feeding the World: why farming a carnivorous fish is not the answer

by Rob Johnson. Every year sustainable seafood advocates – conservation organizations and the seafood, fishing and aquaculture industries – get together to discuss ways to ensure that food that comes from the sea, either fished or farmed, is as sustainable as … Continue reading

PEI: the birthplace of the first ever GM food animal?

When most people think of Prince Edward Island, they think of potatoes, red beaches, Anne of Green Gables and fresh, wild-caught seafood. Unfortunately, beneath these idyllic images lies a more disturbing reality: PEI is also home to Canada’s first genetically-modified fish. Continue reading

Why There Might Be Something Better Than Local Fish

Sara, in the hold

Guest Contribution by Nic Mink Two years ago, while I was working at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois, five Alaskan fishing families and a few non-fishermen (me included) embarked on a great community food system experiment: to start a Community … Continue reading