Breathing New Life into the Independent Fishing Fleet

In July, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans made an important announcement for the independence of Canadian fisherman and the rural economy. Continue reading


What the hake? B.C.’s largest fishery is turning fish into fish meal

Few Canadians know that the largest fishery on B.C.’s coast is for Pacific hake. Although it’s a food-grade fish, the federal government granted permission last week to allow catches to be converted into fish meal. Continue reading

Fish Out of Water: Using our Seafood Sustainably

by Justin Cantafio. Fishing has been and continues to be the social, cultural, and economic backbone of many Nova Scotian coastal communities. Removing fish from the water is just the first step in the value chain that incudes processing, storage, … Continue reading

Haddock rebound offers opportunity for rethink

Orlie Dixon brings in the catch on a hook and line.

Guest contribution by Susanna Fuller and Justin Cantafio.  Also submitted as an Op-ed to the Chronicle Herald. The recent abundant landings of haddock from Georges Bank are indeed good news, particularly for fishing communities on Nova Scotia’s South Shore. It … Continue reading

The Canso Fishermen’s Strike, Revisited

Who's the Boss? Courtesy of Nova Scotia Archives.

Guest contribution by Silver Donald Cameron. Another version appeared in the Sunday Herald on July 10, 2002. I had forgotten the beauty of the coastal road from Guysborough to Canso. Sweeping views over a wrinkled, slate-grey sea. Compact, shingled houses. … Continue reading

The Launch of Slow Fish Nova Scotia

Chef Dennis Johnston. Courtesy of Cherry Pie Photography.

Guest Contribution by Lia Rinaldo. Originally posted at Se7en’s a Banquet, 9ine’s a Brawl. – Fish are the last great wild food.  They are part of a fragile ecosystem. So are the fishing communities.  Change the way fish lands on … Continue reading

What are our fisheries for?

Wharf buoys, Tiverton, Nova Scotia.

Guest Contribution by Jordan Nikoloyuk Since Ecology Action Centre published ‘Valuing our Fisheries: Breaking Nova Scotia’s Commodity Curse’, I’ve spent a lot of time talking about our key findings. The report shows that if we want fisheries that provide economically … Continue reading